Frenchtown King Bed in Powdered Sugar

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It always seems that I feel that familiar pull of the timeless style and elegance exemplified in French culture in the most inconvenient of times. Years ago I wanted to whisk my husband away to Paris for his thirtieth birthday but as few schedules allow for such impromptu sojourns, we settled for the French colonial culture of New Orleans. The defining poteaux-sur-solle   and pierrotage of French colonial architecture prevalent throughout southern Louisiana is imitated in the design of Frenchtown Bed. Sturdy columns are raised on four corners of the bed but are adorned with detailed finials, mirroring the famous French obsession with both quality and intricate details. The antique method of crafting hand-woven cane is the centerpiece for the headboard and footboard alluding to the timelessness of French colonial influences in the United States.

Available in an array of finishes.

King: 82"W x 87"D x 61"H (SB046)

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